You will benefit more from meetings with your supervisor to discuss your academic paper if you prepare well.

When you have to write an academic paper, it is always a good idea to talk to your supervisor about it.
In order to benefit the most from talks with your supervisor, you should be well-prepared for such meetings.

Clear communication and a proactive manner are elements of a succesful supervision process.

  • So speak up: What do you need? What do you specifically want the supervisor to help you with?
  • Make a new appointment. If you need to meet with the supervisor more than once, it is a good idea to set the date and time for the next appointment right away. This gives you a deadline.

Show the supervisor some of your text and explain how you see that text in relation to your paper.

If you are about to write your final thesis, your first task is to find a supervisor.

Interaction between student and supervisor

"I must tell you a few words about the lack of hiearchy in the Danish Universities: You better not call the lecturer by their surnames or try to talk more formally to them or they will probably laugh at you!

Here the general atmosphere is more relaxed and take-it-easy style, which is very positive beacuse if you have doubts or problems you can easily talk with your professors."

- Silvia Giulia Pirola, international PhD student at Aarhus University