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Oral Presentations

6 useful steps when preparing an oral presentation in an academic context.

When you take a course or a class at Aarhus University, you are often expected to give an oral presentation of a certain subject at least once during the semester. The aim is to improve the students’ communicational skills and to give them an opportunity to work with the material in a different media than the written text.

It is always a good idea to practice your presentation. Have you considered using a webcam?

6 steps

Here is a list of 6 steps that are useful to go through when preparing an oral presentation:

  1. Define your subject – formulate your thesis-statement
  2. Structure your material – what to say when
  3. Formulate your presentation – consider the audience
  4. Remember your material – visualise your manuscript, highlight keywords
  5. Give the presentation – speak in a loud and clear voice
  6. Get feedback – ask for comments: What was good? What could be improved?
Push the wall if you get nervous before presenting.
Or try the 5+5+5 exercise to calm your nerves.


The videos on this page were produced by Peter Weibrecht.