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More about Studying

Links and literature that may be helpful in your process of improving your study skills.

Studying in Aarhus 

  • Aarhus University's website for international students contains essential information about studies at Aarhus University, admission to the university, housing in Aarhus etc.
  • Welcome to Aarhus.
    Use your next break from studying to discover the city of Aarhus and its university's campus by watching this prize-winning video made by exchange students.
  • hey you, AU! is a blog where full-degree students can comment, discuss and create networks. student in Denmark, including Aarhus.
  • Student life in Denmark. This Danish government website has information on tuition fees, admission requirements and other practicalities, but also personal stories about what it’s like to study here.

Websites about academic skills

  • Purdue University Online Writing Lab. Find information on how to research and write with correct grammar and style. Includes detailed style guides for different referencing systems.
  • How-To-Study An American site for lower level students from elementary school to college with easy to understand tips in both English and Spanish.
  • Study Guides and Strategies. Besides information about reading, writing, researching, studying and managing projects, this American site has tips for memorizing and concentrating.

Literature about academic skills

  • Study Skills For International Students (pdf). A leaflet produced by The Teaching and Learning Unit of Social Scieces, University of Copenhagen. Includes chapters on reading, note-taking and writing techniques.
  • Method of Study for International Students. Harboe, T. and Müllen, R. von, Samfundslitteratur, 2006.
  • The Craft of Research. Booth, Wayne C.; Colomb, Gregory G. and Joseph M. Williams, University of Chicago Press, 2nd edition, 2003.
    Using lots of examples, this text guides you through the writing process from idea to final text.

Counselling and support

  • is a portal by Aarhus University which brings together all the services which are available if you are not enjoying student life. Find counsellors' contact details and learn how to overcome study-related stress, among other things.
  • The Counselling and Support Centre at Aarhus University offers counselling, guidance and support to international students with special needs like dyslexia, mental and behavioural disorders, and physical and multiple disabilities.
  • The Student Counselling Service offers free social, psychological, and psychiatric counselling and treatment for students at higher educational institutions in connection to their educational situation. It is an institution under the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education.